Automatic Vibration Monitoring
(Reliable & Convenient)

Remote Vibration Measurement System

EagleVibs, HATS' vibration/noise constant measuring system, monitors vibration and noise caused by blast waves. When installed at a point where measurement is required, it automatically measures whenever vibration occurs and sends data to the Web Server. It is highly reliable because there is no need for separate manpower placement and it is always in the same place. You can check vibration/noise in real time and perform statistical analysis on EagleFineweb.

Key Features

Geophone & Microphone

· Unmanned permanent measuring

· Automatically transmit measurement data when detecting the vibration/airblast

Vibration Analytics

· Output of the overall report on blasting design, drilling, charging, vibration, and fragmentation

Vibration formula

· Using the database, calculate the attenuation equation

· Utilize attenuation equation for the next blast design.


Real time management

· Vibration/Airblast real-time monitoring

· Real-time alarming in EagleFineWeb immediately

High reliability of measurement/ analysis

· Providing reliable measurement data in preparation for complaints or regulations.

· Using accumulated data and automatically deriving a vibration estimation equation optimized for the site.


· Replacement of measurement by manpower, prevention of human error.

· Secure data reliability by measuring at all times.