Web Based Data Platform
(Site Management with accumulated Data)

Web Based Data Analysis

EagleFineweb, HATS‘ web service, provides monitoring function to view information on the site in real time and data platform function to store and analyze blasting data.Information on field work and equipment operation can also be inquired in a remote environment. It also supports statistical analysis to write a report on blasting results with accumulated blasting data and improve the results.

Key Features


· Real-time check on site.

· Vibration/airblast check.

· Check the location and current status of the equipment.


· Reporting of the overall report on blasting design, drilling, charging, vibration, and fragmentation.

Analytics Summary

· On-site production, production cost.

· Drilling and Charging

· Fragmentation, vibration.

Work Analytics

· Statistical analysis of accuracy of Drilling/Charging.

· Statistical analysis by equipment and worker.


Data Integrity

· D&B Solution’s data storage and management platform.

· Design, work, integrated storage and reporting of result information.

Real-time Remote monitoring

· Real-time site information (work, equipment, vibration) monitoring

· Support various mobile devices and access to information from all over the world.

Data Analysis

· Using accumulated data, statistical analysis

· Offering field management insights.