Smart Fleet Management System
(Real time Fleet Management System)

Real-time Fleet Monitoring

EagleFMS, HATS‘ equipment control system, supports control of equipment and personnel in the field in real time.
You can inquire about the current location, condition, and work status of various equipment such as trucks and loaders,
as well as general mining equipment.

Key Features


· Check the location and status of equipment in mines such as MPU, Drill, Truck, etc.

· Tracking the volume, automatic calculation of production and grade.

Fleet Tracking

· Tracking the route and status history of equipments.

Fleet Analytics

· Track the history of vehicles on site.

· Statistics such as driving route, status, workload, etc.


Remote monitoring for all equipment in the mine.

· Preventing the surplus resources by managing the location of equipment in real time.

· Information accessible anytime, anywhere based on the web.

Efficient productivity management using equipment operation data.

· Real-time automatic check of waste and ore production.

· Automatic calculation of average grade according to production/ transportation area.

Real-time remote vehicle management

· Real-time vehicle information (location, work, status) monitoring.

· Tracking the fuel consumption and fuel efficiency of the vehicle.