Creating a More Sustainable Future

With trustworthy technologies, manufacturing competency, and customer-focused services,
Hanwha Technical Service offers a more sustainable future for the customers.

Hanwha’s Technical Services Center experts can provide you with the safest and most efficient optimized blast results using our proprietary digital solution, Hanwha As a Total Solution (HATS). The main benefits of the HATS system include:

· Digitized Optimization of Excavation and Blasting Cycles 
· Cost-Effective Blasting Solutions
· Technical Services for Quarrying, Mining, Construction and Pipeline Work

Using HATS, the Hanwha Technical Service Center can provide guidance on every aspect of blasting:

· Optimized Blast Design (Patterns & Timing)
· Blasting Audit 
· Environmental Impact Management
· Fragmentation Prediction
· Vibration, Noise Control

Our experts work with your satisfaction at the core. Please do not hesitate to contact us for your future blasting needs.

Technical Service Center

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Technical Institute

Energetic Materials R&D

Conventional Initiating System R&D

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Drilling and Blasting Solution R&D

Consulting Organization

Hanwha Technical Service Center consists of a technical support team,
Product Management team, and technical institute with 4 R&D teams.

Our trustworthy products and services offer true 'Customer Choice' with flexibility for our customers to meet their needs and deliver the best outcomes for their projects. We take pride in our integrity and it is our priority to operate ethically and safely across the organization.

Optimized Blast Design

Managing fragmentation and moving control using numerical simulations blast designs. Managing fragmentation and movement control using numerically simulated blast designs.

Recent numerical simulations show improved fragmentation as well as material movement using segregation timing after adopting HEBS II Initiation Systems.

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