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Blast Consulting

The centerpiece of next generation digital blast technology.

Our skilled technicians and engineers can provide you with the safest and most efficient blast results, optimized using our digital solutions (HATS).
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Training for EBS Users

Simply knowing about HEBS II is not enough.

We must apply that knowledge. Hanwha’s world-class technicians are ready and willing work with you to maximize the full potential of the innovative HEBS II product.
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Utilizing advanced electronic technology.

Hanwha’s Electronic Blasting System (HEBS) is designed to maximize blasting performance. HEBS III (the successor to HEBS II) is currently under development and will feature global ID detection on a viewable logging system as well as advance failure prevention and blasting error reduction through overcurrent detonator positioning.
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Digitized optimization of excavation and blasting

Hanwha As a Total Solution (HATS) provides blast design, environmental monitoring and cost reduction through advanced and innovative technology.
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Hanwha Mining Services

With world-leading technologies,

Manufacturing competency and customer-focused services, Hanwha Mining Services offers the market a dynamic partner for the future.
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Products & Solutions

Our premier product and service offerings

our service orientation
for value creation

Technical Consulting

With innovative technologies, and customer-focused services, Hanwha Technical Services offers a more sustainable future for our customers.

User Training

Hanwha User Training services ensure that our customers fully understand how to use our innovative products and solutions.

Total Solution

Providing optimized total solutions that incorporate various elements such as blast design, blast results, environmental safety (ESG) and cost reduction.

Trustworthy Products

Having first manufactures dynamite in Korea, Hanwha now leads the global explosives market with over 70 years of industry experience and endless innovation.

About Us

We have supplied safe and high-quality explosives 
and initiation systems to various domestic industries.


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