State-of-the-Art Analysis
(Precise & Fast Analysis)

3D Fragmentation Analysis with Artificial Intelligence

EagleVibs is software that analyzes the particle size of muck-pile as a result of blasting. It automatically analyzes the fragmentation degree using the picture of the fragmentation degree acquired with a drone camera. AI technology is applied to provide high analysis accuracy without any additional Steps. It dramatically reduces the time spent on fragmentation analysis.

Key Features

Using drone data

· Capture muck-pile with drone

Image Processing

· Automatic calculation of fragmentation with AI image processing

Distribution Curve

· Cumulative fragmentation curve


3D fragmentation analysis

· 3D-based analysis S/W

· High accuracy: within 20% error rate (2D analysis error rate 40% level)

Machine Learning technology

· Learn the fragmentation from the captured images.

· It automatically measures the fragmentation without any additional manual operation.

High speed analysis.

· Minimize analysis time.

· Automatic analysis within 30 minutes (compared to commercial S/W : 2 hours)