Smart Explosives Charging Solution

(Precision Charging & Data Capture)

Charging Data Capture & Explosive Management

ChargePacemaker, an MPU-mounted module of HATS, guides you to precisely control your charging volume using sensors and HMI.
It also automatically collects the results of the long-term operation and sends them to the Web Server. This allows you to manage the amount of explosives used, predicts the outcome of the blast, and provides data necessary to improve the next blasting operation.

Key Features

GPS Antenna

· GPS sensor attached.

· Tracking the location of the vehicle and sending it to the Web Server.


· Human-Machine Interface

· Automatically collecting data from PLC.

· Provide MPU workers with a precision charging guide.

Hoseman Tracker

· Track the location of the worker.

· Checking the location of the blast hole.

Transmit work data

· Real-time transmission of data such as equipment location, work progress rate, etc.

Apply charging plan

· Check pattern design for each hole

· The actual state of drilling.

· Design information.

· Difference value feedback

Monitor Charge pattern

· Indicate planned, charging, charged hole

· Indicate the location of the current operator and vehicle.


Precision Charging

· Provide a guide to field workers for precision charging.

· Reduce the cost of explosives through precise control for charging.

Data collection

· Automatically collecting and archiving DB with charging data.

· Automatically tracks the use of explosives.

Charging optimized for field conditions.

· Controlling the density of explosives according to the rock strength.

· Optimize the cost of using explosives.