Hanwha Mining Services USA

With over 60 years of experience in the explosives industry, Hanwha launched its international business platform in 2014. With world-leading technologies, manufacturing competency and customer-focused services, Hanwha Mining Services offers the market a dynamic partner for the future. Our world-class products and services offer true 'Customer Choice' with flexibility for our customers to meet their needs and deliver the best outcomes for their projects. We take pride in our integrity and it is our priority to operate ethically and safely across the organization. Our willingness to collaborate has expanded our customer base rapidly and we now have our presence in Indonesia, Australia and Chile.

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Quality Control Tracking

Proper quality control throughout the manufacturing process ensures Hanwha maintain extremely low defective rate of its products. In addition, monitoring of quality of the products is performed in the fields continuously to maintain consistency of high quality in both areas of Process and Quality. To make certain the quality of the blasting accessories delivered, Hanwha will ensure that all products are tested properly according to the procedures and standards before shipment. For this, the Hanwha quality assurance team will complete visits to manufacturing sites of all the suppliers and will conducts audits on their quality control process and activities. Once the quality management process of the supplier are approved, written quality reports will be received and reviewed by Hanwha regularly before each shipment is made and then they will be kept for contract period. In addition, to protect the products from any risk of damage during transportation, we will make sure that all products should be transported after packaging in a container. Once the products have arrived at the magazine on sites, the Hanwha person who is in charge of handling the products will check if there has been any damage or change in the status of the packages. To maintain fresh products, a strict stock rotation system will also be implemented.