Smart 3D Blast Design Software
(Realistic & Convenient)

3D Blast Design Software

EagleDesigner, HATS' blasting design software, supports realistic design based on actual terrain information.
It also supports quick design, making it convenient for anyone to use. After performing the blasting design, perforation patterns, weakness patterns, and explosion patterns can be easily shared with other modules of HATS through Web Server.
It also supports the ability to predict expected fragmentation and vibration results using accumulated data.

Key Features

Key Features


Optimization of blast design through improvement process by process

· Modified design reflecting actual drilling work results.

( w/DrillPacemaker)

· Re-modification design reflecting actual charging work results.

( w/ChargePacemaker)

Design differentiation

· Design based on the topography of the site created by 3D models.

· Improve blasting efficiency by reflecting the actual free face

Increase the convenience of design

· Convenient design with easy design function